From the East: March 2018

The chill of winter may be shying away to a hopeful Spring.

Congratulations to Bros. Khristo and Marquez on being passed to the 2 degree. This is the first degree that you have earned and you both were excellent candidates showing the hard work that you have put into your Masonic Journey. Thank you is also extended to the Brethren accompanying and promoting visitation with our newer members.

This month, we will be welcoming the Shrine Degree Team to conduct the 3 degree for our Bro. Balaganthan as he advances to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason. It promises to be an outstanding night and I would encourage all the members of Ionic Lodge to come out and support our Brother.

Also, I will be traveling, accompanied by a few Brethren of Ionic Lodge and the District to The Bahamas as a delegation to attend the Installation of the District Grand Master of The Bahamas & Turks and I am very much looking forward to that.

At our February meeting, we had a kick off discussion about our Long Range Plan, and we are awaiting for the results of that, as well as being fortunate in hearing Bro. Wayne Levere speak about Mentorship and Sponsorship and I have asked W Bro. Mark Paine, as Mentorship Chair, to say a few words:

At our regular meeting in Feb, we were graced with an excellent discourse from Bro. Wayne Levere (Mentoring Chairman of St Andrews Lodge), wherein he detailed what has worked for them and gave us great food for thought. His presentation of the roles of both mentors and sponsors and how they mutually support the development of the candidate and ongoing development of the Brother, are things that we can take to heart. As Ionic Lodge continues to develop all its Brethren, the Mentors and Sponsors will be part of that journey. WE ALL have a vital role in ensuring that our Brothers are assisted in their learning and what better way can this be demonstrated than through active participation as a Mentor. To that end, I would ask all Brethren to consider becoming a Mentor and will be holding a gathering of interested Brethren later in March to discuss and get the people and education pieces in place so that mentoring of our EAs, FCs and MMs will lead greater understanding and appreciation of all that the craft has to offer. There will be more information to follow once we solidify the date and time.
The responsibilities are great, but the reward of seeing a Mason develop fully into this craft, that we all hold near and dear, is a greater reward.
W Bro. Mark Paine
Mentors Corner