Lodge Vision & Mission

Five Commitments

Notwithstanding the Constitution of our Grand Lodge and the Bylaws of our Lodge, we the Brethren of Ionic Lodge No. 526 AF & AM, agree that will strive for excellence in all of our Masonic labours.


1. We agree that our main goals are to strengthen the fundamental principles of Brotherly love, Relief and Truth by a healthy blend of moral instruction and social intercourse; to foster a mutual interchange of fraternal feelings; and actively engaging our members regular attendance at meetings and activities of our Lodge, including the wider communities of our Craft. Active participation is essential to the growth and vitality of our lodge.


2. We agree that our ceremonies should be conducted with the utmost reverence and solemnity, performed in a dignified manner according to the prescribed ritual of our Grand Lodge. Conferring Degrees of Craft Masonry will be focused on the candidate, providing each with the most profound and transformative Initiatic experience possible. Candidates must prove their proficiency before advancement,  Demonstrating a basic understanding of the journey from darkness to light, ignorance to knowledge,  and some insight into the uses and applications of Masonic symbols, allegories and myths introduced by the ritual ceremonies. Sufficient time between degrees will be given to each candidate so as to enhance his self-transformation through personal intellectual study, reflection and contemplation. We will  provide  members with  ritual coaching and the mentorship of well-informed and skilled brethren.


3. We agree that feasting, communal dining, and embracing the social enjoyment of our members at Festive Boards observes an important Masonic tradition with each other and the larger Masonic community. We will respect time honoured Toasts and Traditions and the agreed Protocol and Etiquette of  our Grand Lodge. “The fellowship of men is best embraced in the convivial environs of sociability” whether inside or beyond the premises of our Temples.


4. We agree that the formal and tyled assemblies of our Lodge should be a sanctuary from the distractions of the outside world. The sacred space is dedicated to the attainment of a deeper knowledge and understanding of Freemasonry. In addition to the prescribed  ceremonies and rituals, the presentation of lectures, poetry, music; discussions of the arts, philosophy, and history; and the interpretation of symbols, allegories and myths of Masonic ritual all play an important role in furthering the aims and growth of our lodge and its members. Portions of meetings will be devoted to such  purposes, with opportunities extended to Apprentices, Craftsmen and Master Masons alike.


5. We will provide competent guidance  that fosters leadership development for all of our members. Officers will be elected and appointed based on their merit, and those invited to progress in the offices of Masonry should be able to demonstrate their qualifications to lead and execute the duties of their office in a competent manner,  fully aware that “harmony” is the goal and always mindful of and promoting the best interests of the Lodge. 


** with  acknowledgements to the Masonic Restoration Foundation (MRF).