Master's Message - May 2017


A brief, though partial retrospective of an eventful and productive year: In September, I described with slides and words, my 350km, 22day hike of el Camino de Santiago in Spain - with parallels to our
Masonic journey: how we plan it, what we observe and the people we meet along the way, even the introspection and insight we hope to garner Charles Singh on El Camino de Santiagotogether as a Fraternity. I suggested that “If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well”, that “Games are won at Practices”; in the month of Remembrance, I profiled 3 members of Ionic Lodge: Bros. Taylor, Cotie and Nesbitt, how their legacy of excellence inspired me as a young Mason; we hosted/included our family and friends for a holiday feasting, fun, and lively presentations. I pointed out that Masonry IS a team effort, that by agreeing to a “Mission and Vision”, we articulate our “Brand” here at Ionic: Good Festive Boards and Socials, Ionic Lodge Blue Jays Fellowship EventExcellence in all our Ceremonies with Mentorship and Instruction for everyone. We celebrated a Centenarian; listened to a brother sharing his battle with Prostate cancer; our members made significant contribution to the Ottawa Masonic Association Winter Assembly and Valentine’s Charity Ball; attended a 67’s game together - a blend of Social Mirth, Charity and fellowship in and beyond the Lodge. We hosted a 300th Anniversary celebrations with a Traditional Feast & enjoyed the sublime Degree in ancient form by a distinguished brother.

Moving forward, please be mindful of how we engage those interested in joining us at Ionic: invite other Brethren initially to meet with them and provide relevant materials ; direct them to our Website; have them visit with us several times; present the 5 - point standards that Ionic represents, so they understand and appreciate our “Brand”; stress that a Ionic Lodge no. 526 and the 300th Anniversary of the UGLEcommitment is required of them in the various aspects of our programs; and clarify that progressing through Degrees is taken seriously, that work is required, but mutual support is part- and-parcel of their Masonic journey. “The matter of importance is will he run well, prove sound, and turn out to be a stayer; and we ought to be reasonably satisfied on these points before he even crosses our threshold. Freemasonry being a brotherhood, we must remember that the character of the individual is a contribution to the character of the whole, and the body of Freemasonry will be what its individual members make it. In short, Freemasonry supplies an atmosphere in which the best traits in human character can be expanded and developed; where the man of imagination and aspiration can find congenial associations that help the upward bent of his soul, and refresh and strengthen the warm impulses of his heart. But as we do not gather grapes off thorns, neither can we reap such a harvest unless we maintain jealously the necessary conditions.”

Thank you all for the privileges extended to me this year. I could wish “good luck” to the new Officers, supporting cast and crew, but “luck is the residue of design.”

Charles Singh W. M.