Master's Message - April 2017

Happy Spring Brethren! A time of year when we look towards change & progression in our Lodges, preparing for Elections and Installation of new officers. Such was the case last month: “Breakfast for Dinner” by Bro. Jason Solomon and team. With the support of JW Bro. Randy Gaw, it is clear that our fine tradition in the Banquet Hall will Fellocraft Bro. Lavaughn Adderleycontinue. We welcomed R.W. Master Kevin Landry, "Lodge Han Yang No. 1048" in Hong Kong, who spoke about the Scottish tradition of his mother Lodge. Upstairs, the “Step-up” team, lead by Bro. SW Mikey Reiach, challenged themselves: to open and conduct a Fellowcraft Degree, continue to the 3rd for two provings; resume labours, and close for the evening. A well-rehearsed team exhibited the deportment and conduct we can all admire and be justly proud of. Congratulations to Bro. Lavaughn Adderley, our newest FC, for his diligence and proficiency; as well as to Bros. Cameron O’Connor and Derrick Zimmerman for theirs – no short-form, earning the badge of Master Masons.

At our Emergent meeting Thursday. March 23, Ionic kicked-off the 300th Anniversary Celebrations in the Ottawa Districts. A full Banquet Hall included visitors, friends and Past Grand Master M.W. Bro Donald H. Mumby; Deputy Grand Master, R.W. Bro Paul E. Todd; DDGM R.W. Bro Robert H. Clarke; R.W. Bros. Barry Burchill and John Forsterspecial guests: Past Grand Master M.W. Bro Donald H. Mumby; Deputy Grand Master, R.W. Bro Paul E. Todd; DDGM R.W. Bro Robert H. Clarke; R.W. Bros. Barry Burchill and John Forster, Members of the Board; and R.W. Bro Max Anglade DDGM Ottawa District- Grand Lodge of Quebec, current and Past GL Officers and members from both Ottawa Districts and from across the river. We thank Bro JW and team, including lady Naz, Geeta and Sophie; and my gratitude to R.W. Bro Michael Jenkyns, our Grand Historian, for providing some research and his inspiration for my historical presentation and slide-show.

In Lodge, we observed a minute of silence for R.W. Bro Charles Reid, member of the R.W.Bro Armin Braslins & Newly Minted Master Mason Bro. TheodoreBoard (Museum & Archive), who for decades famously lead the parade at the opening of the Annual Grand Lodge Communication. R.W. Bro. John Forster conducted the Master Masons Degree in its entirety (with our Officers) to the pleasure of a packed-house. His approach, pace, cadence, emphasis and intonation in the delivery of the work is an inspiration for us all; especially for such a sublime Degree. Bro. Theodore’s diligence was duly rewarded, a memorable “event” for our newest Master Mason. We thank M.W. Bro Mumby for his lecture: the legend of Hiram, our first Grand Master.

W. Bros. Bart Seaton & Richard Reeve and a delegation from Hazeldean Lodge also joined us to present R.W. Bro. Dave Mackey with 25 year service and 25 year Past Master Pins & Certificates. Our Brother graciously remarked that he was shy when he joined; that Masonry gave him practical skills; and we should try to replace ourselves to perpetuate the Craft.

Freemasonry’s focuses on the development of the individual, but it is practiced as a 2017 'Step Up' Night @ Ionic Lodge no. 527group, in our hearts and in the arena known as a Lodge; hence the label “fraternity”. Our ceremonies are the “essence” of what we are, and we use symbols, metaphors, allegories and myths to teach valuable life lessons. May we continue to honour our builders and the rich heritage we enjoy; let us support our leaders who sustain us; and may we enjoy the fellowship of each other’s company in doing so.

In April, we feast and celebrate the “Initiatic” experience together – recall YOUR entry into the Craft, and join us as we make an “impression”, as we did for you my Brother. So humbled to serve.

Charles Singh W. M.