From the East: September 2019


As the summer holiday period falls behind us, I hope you all enjoyed quality time with your loved ones and now find yourselves rejuvenated and refreshed for the upcoming Masonic year.

While Lodges in the Ottawa Districts tend to go dark over these months, that is not to say that a number of events were not held which gave Brethren a chance to assemble and share in the social and fraternal aspect of the Craft. Ionic hosted our annual Baseball social which was very well attended and, by all accounts, a resounding success. Thanks to Bro. JW for his hard work in organizing what has become an annual favorite of many of our members.

Also over the summer months, many Brethren had the opportunity to attend the Annual Grand Lodge Communication. Grand Lodge is a fantastic opportunity to meet Masons from around our Grand Jurisdiction, as well as around the world, and discuss issues that are, sometimes surprisingly, common to our fraternity all around the world.

This year at Grand Lodge, MW Bro. David J. Cameron was installed for the ensuing 2 years. As well, RW Bro. John G. Hawkins was elected and installed as DDGM for Ottawa District 2. I am looking forward to the year ahead under both of these distinguished Masons.

During the break, a number of us also took part in the Ionic Retreat; an event I hope will become an annual tradition in our Lodge. Not only did a lot of good discussions occur, but the fellowship and fraternal bonding that took place on the weekend cannot be understated. From working sessions on long-range planning, membership and other issues, to a round of golf, to a very unique board game, the weekend was both entertaining and constructive for all. Not to mention the fantastic spread of food that was the combined effort of all in attendance. Special thanks for RW Bro. Singh for his hospitality in offering the use of his cottage and putting us up for the weekend.

As I mentioned, now that the warm weather is fading, our Lodge is back to work in earnest. Our upcoming September meeting we will be welcoming a new brother into the craft and our new DDGM will be paying his fraternal visit. This will be the first chance, as DDGM, that RW Bro. Hawkins will witness Ionic Lodge conduct an initiation and I have no doubt he will leave feeling that the candidate was given the experience that he deserves. Our Lodge will continue to be busy in the months to come and I thank the Brother of Ionic, in advance, for the support I know they will continue to provide.

I am truly looking forward to what is to come.
Jason Solomon, WM