From The East: September 2018

I hope TGAOTU has shone favorably on you over the summer months and kept you in his care. As we live in the Ottawa area, we have experienced a myriad of weather conditions, including hot and dry, hot and humid, and hot and wet. Some of the younger Brethren say they have never seen it so hot or so dry or so humid. Those of us a little longer in the tooth have seen these extremes but maybe not for as long a period at a time. Some put this down to Climate Change and ascribe it to natural forces including fluctuations of solar energy reaching the Earth and warming the oceans. Others blame the influence of Mankind on the environment. Whatever the cause or causes, we are definitely in a period of change. And that period of change extends also to the Condition of Masonry. While attending Grand Lodge Communication in July in Toronto, I and a number of Brethren heard the state of the union from our MW The Grand Master - it can briefly be said, “the numbers are down.” This is nothing new throughout Masonry however it is somewhat disconcerting in light of a number of the changes and programs that your Grand Lodge has implemented. W. Bro. Andrew Hammer, the keynote speaker at the Grand Master’s Banquet, spoke of Change in Masonry, from the many centuries where Masonry resisted change through the refrain “Don’t encroach the ancient landmarks”, to the reality that Masonry strives for change – we seek “to make good men better”.

Please join us in Lodge at our Regular Meeting wherein I will present a brief overview of the state of Masonry in Ontario. Bro. Jason Solomon will also provide a brief update on the changes within the Westboro Masonic Temple Limited Board of Directors and improvements to the building. At our Regular Meeting we will welcome R.W. Bro. Kenneth Brinston, DDGM Ottawa District 2, on a Fraternal Visit to the Lodge. During the evening we will present Masonic Education on a somewhat unpopular but important subject, namely, How to
Conduct a Masonic Memorial Service. The need to provide a Masonic Memorial Service often comes with little to no advance warning. When the word goes out, there is often a scrambling to gather information about the departed Brother; to assemble the Officers and Brethren of the departed Brother’s Lodge including ensuring the proper jewels, collars and Memorial Service books are assembled for the service; and, to ensure that the Officers and Brethren know what is expected of them before, during and after the Memorial Service. We will be conducting a 3rd Degree and raising a worthy candidate to the sublime degree of a Master Mason at our Emergent Meeting on Thursday, September 27. We are also planning on two other 3rd Degrees, possibly before Christmas, as well as two Initiations and two 2nd Degrees by April 2019.

We will hold a Festive Board before each Regular and Emergent Meeting. As you can see it will be a very busy year.

We look forward to seeing you in Lodge.
Randy Gaw, WM