From The East: October 2018


As I write this message, Ottawa and Gatineau are recovering from three tornadoes that struck the area on September 21, the last day of summer. I began my September message commenting on changing
weather and how we are now seeing some extremes we have never before experienced - ironically how prophetic. It is comforting to hear that there were no deaths reported, however our prayers and best wishes go out to those who may have been injured or suffered loss during the disaster.

As always, but especially during times such as these, the Brethren should step up and assist in any way possible. Financial contributions to the Ottawa Food Bank, which lost a lot of produce during the power outages, or to the Canadian Red Cross would be appreciated.

At our September Regular Meeting we were pleased to welcome R.W. Bro. Kenneth G. Brinston, DDGM Ottawa District 2 on his first Fraternal Visit. An excellent Festive Board was prepared by our Bro. JW, Thank You. In Lodge, we presented an important aspect of Masonic Education on conducting a Masonic Memorial Service. We emphasized the solemnity of the Memorial Service and the right of every Brother to have one performed. We stressed, however, that each Brother has to advise their Family, Executor or Funeral Home of their wishes “while he is still at labour.”

Bro. Peter Belvedere provided an intriguing history of Masonic Burial Plots located at Beechwood and Pinecrest Cemeteries. Thank you Bro. Belvedere

At our October Regular Meeting, we are planning to welcome and initiate Mr. Lars Penniston. I will also announce the appointments of the new Chairman for several committees.

Because of the impact of the recent storm, we have rescheduled the 3rd Degree for Bro. Sameer Sultan to our October 25 Emergent Meeting.

Please note that the scheduled date for the October CGP falls on Thanksgiving Sunday, so we have rescheduled the CGP to Sunday, September 30 at 07:00 pm with a 1st Degree Practice to immediately

Brethren, take note and attend if possible, the District 2 Leadership and Development Workshop. Also, the OMA meeting with Guest Speaker R.W. Bro. Joe DeMello.

Brethren, as we approach the upcoming Thanksgiving season, may the events of the recent past stimulate within you those most endearing virtues of Brotherly Love, Relief and Truth.

We look forward to seeing you in Lodge.

Randy Gaw, W.M.