From The East: October 2017

I hope everybody is enjoying the change in weather and the beautiful colours of nature that will come as we move into autumn.

I would like to welcome Bro. Márquez to our gentle Craft. You were an excellent Candidate at your Initiation and I look forward to your progress in Freemasonry. A tremendous thank you is extended to R.W. Bro. Charles Singh and his team of Past Masters that conducted the degree. It showed the caliber of Work we are proud of at Ionic and sets us off on a good footing for the year, given the number of degrees we are expecting.

I would also like to congratulate V.W. Bro. Mark Pogue on his being elevated to the 33 degree in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite. Not only is V.W. Bro. Pogue an Ionic Pillar in our Lodge but his dedication and labours in one of our concordant bodies has been recognized. We will have a tribute to VW Bro Pogue this month at our Festive Board. I expect a number of Scottish Rite Brethren to be in attendance as well as Brethren from Pembroke Lodge as they deliver the District’s Travelling Gavel.

We will be conducting another 1st degree and discussing a bit about our initiative with mentorship in Ionic and the brother(s) driving that program.

As we go into the season of Thanksgiving, let us be thankful for what we have and be mindful of the needs of others. On a personal note, I have to thank the Brethren that relieved me of some of my duties last month when I had to, unexpectedly, travel to the Caribbean to help prepare for a hurricane, as my family lives in that region. It was a remarkable feeling to be a part of our Ionic Team. Brethren stepped up with offers of help and sentiments of well wishes to me and my family. There are many in distresses in the world and the opportunities that Canada offers us should remind us of how blessed and proud we are.

Cheers to good health. Spend time and have fun with loved ones.

See you in Lodge.

Michael Reiach, WM