From the East: November 2017

Brethren, I think autumn has finally set in. Take a minute to appreciate the wonderful works of the Almighty. Take a trip through Gatineau Park or have a slow drive on some of the back roads to take in the beautiful colour of nature.

Congratulations to our newest member, Bro. Khristo on being initiated into our Gentle Craft. It was an excellent degree, and we look forward to your continued progress in Masonry.

The Official Visits have started in Ottawa District 2. I plan to attend all of the Official Visits and the coveted Travelling Trowel (instituted by our RW Bro. Singh and awarded to the Lodge with the most Visitors on each Official Visit) is up for contention and I hope that Ionic Lodge will bring home the Trowel at least a few times this year. I invite all of the members of Ionic Lodge to join me in these visitations.

For our Regular meeting in November, we will be welcoming RW Bro Michael Nagrodski, DDGM Ottawa 2 on his Official Visit to Ionic Lodge. That evening, we will be conducting a 1o and a Remembrance Service. Later in the month at our Emergent meeting, I plan to conduct the 1o “by the book” as Worshipful Master. I hope to see as many as possible at both events.

As mentioned in a previous message, we have much degree work this Masonic year and I would ask that you participate by completing a short form database for ritual proficiency. I will use this as a tool and as an aid when needing a Brother to deliver a piece of ritual given short notice. You can find that form here.

Recently, I had the pleasure of attending a night of Recognition for VW Bro Wayne Keech of The Builders’, a Brother who served as Secretary of his Lodge for 29 years. This is a truly remarkable achievement. It’s staggering to think that he was invested as Secretary before I was born. I love being part of an organization that brings Brethren onto the level for fraternity and fellowship from all sectors of life, no matter their age.

Remembrance season is upon us. Let us remember those that have served, continue to serve and especially those that have paid the ultimate sacrifice. Please take some time to reflect and pay your respects; if that be visiting Beechwood Cemetery, attending a Remembrance Service or spending time with a Veteran. We can only be thankful to the Veterans for the affluence that we get to enjoy in our daily lives.

Looking forward to seeing you in Lodge.

Michael Reiach, WM