From the East ... May 2020


Well, here was are weeks into the New World Order (rolling my eyes as I type that but it made me laugh) and it looks like there may be some light at the end of the tunnel.  Provinces are slowly starting to open up, with all due prudence for the most part, and the numbers seem to be leveling off and even declining in some respects.  The work that we are all putting into staying at home, staying safe and maintaining physical distancing seems to be paying off. While Grand Lodge has cancelled all activities until the end of June, there is still hope that we can return to some form of labour in July or, at the least in September.  What that looks like when it does happen is anyone guess at this point, but I would think there may be an adjustment period for us all.

I continue to implore all the Brethren to keep in touch with your more vulnerable family members and the more vulnerable Brethren.  Sometimes just a simple phone call can lift someone’s spirits and let them know they are not alone.  I also remind you all that reaching out for help is never a sign of weakness and never an imposition.  We are all brothers, and both seeking help, and offering are truly outward indications of Brotherly Love.  I also suggest that if your situation permits, to look within your community for areas you can be of assistance.  Personally, I am enrolled in a program called Grocery Hero which matches healthy individuals up with front line workers.  The purpose of the program is to assists these workers, who typically work long grueling hours, by shopping for groceries for them and delivering them, contact-free, to their door. The nurse I have been matched with has been incredibly appreciative of my help and I like to think it’s a small thing I can do for a true hero.  There are other ways to help, but this is one example of a way I have decided to give back.

Our CGP this month will be a virtual one, once again, on Sunday 10 May at 8:00pm.  The Zoom information will be forwarded to those Brethren who express interest.  We will continue, as well to have our virtual socials on our Regular, and Emergent meeting nights (13 and 28 May).  While these do not replace in person visits or ‘real’ lodge meetings, they do give a sense of community and allow for some social interaction and I encourage anyone able to attend.  Technical assistance is always available for those who are unsure how the platform works.

We will get through these times, and come out stronger for it on the other side.  As has become my custom, I leave you with words said by another far better than I could say them:

A person must be cautious when he suffers a fall that he should not allow the fall to harm him even more than the actual adverse circumstances. If he will strengthen himself even in his decline and maintain his personal value under all circumstances there is hope that he will rise and return to his former status and even higher than that” (Rabbi Chaim Shmulevitz)

Stay safe, Stay Healthy.

Sincerely and Fraternally,

- Jason Solomon,

WM Ionic Lodge #526