From The East: May 2019

Greetings from the East, and I am pleased to report that Spring is definitely here. The sound of the birds, the street sweepers, and the longer daylight hours are comforting. As the temperatures rise and with the widespread flooding, please be safe and consider helping out those who are or may be
affected by flooding.

The month of April was busy with the District Divine Service; a Joint Ashlar – Ionic Fellow Craft Degree for a worthy Ashlar Candidate; the solemn ceremony of Extinguishing the Lights for Dalhousie Lodge #52 on April 23; our hosting of the Six Lodges on April 25, and the OMA Spring Assembly on April 30. Our April Regular Meeting also saw the Ionic Brethren elect the Officers for the ensuing Masonic year.

At our regular meeting on May 08, we plan to install our new Master-elect of Ionic Lodge as he assumes the Chair of King Solomon. We will also be
investing the other Officers for 2019-20. May also brings a flurry of Installations at other Lodges in District 2. Please see elsewhere in this
Summons or on the Ionic website for a listing of Lodges and Installation dates if you are able to attend.

With the Installation of our Master-elect, this marks my final Message from the East. I must extend my sincere thanks to the Brethren of Ionic for placing
their confidence in me to uphold and enhance the traditions of Masonry. I must also extend my thanks to those senior Brethren both in Ionic and
throughout the wider Masonic Community who have helped me along my Masonic journey. My many travels and visits to other Lodges, and the
many new friends I have made, have been both enjoyable and enlightening. May the GAOTU look favorably on you and those close to you. Take care
and be safe.

If any of the Brethren are ill or in need please notify Bro. Secretary or myself. We look forward to seeing you in Lodge.

Randy Gaw, WM