From the East: May 2018


Last year, I set the goal of fortifying the principles of Ancient Freemasonry – moral instruction and social intercourse – at Ionic Lodge with exceptional ritual and excellent festive boards to strive and maintain our Commitments for the high standards we believe make us a working Masonic Lodge.

This year, Ionic has seen a number of well executed degrees (6 EAs, 3 FCs, 1 MM) along with Masonic Education. That would not have been possible without the dedication from the Officers and Past Masters making each evening memorable for the Candidates. Many Members and Past Masters have been invaluable in their guidance throughout the year and I am eternally grateful; especially our Secretary, VW Bro. Armin Braslins and IPM, RW Bro. Charles Singh.

The tireless efforts of Bro. Solomon as Junior Warden with his cohort are to be commended for the Festive Boards and events, like the Holiday Dinner and baseball game. These events build relationships and promote good fellowship outside the confines of the Lodge, cementing the philosophy of being happy ourselves and communicating that happiness to others.

Heartfelt appreciation is extended to those Brethren that were able and willing to accompany me on visitations to Official Visits within the District and travels to The Bahamas. Be proud of your zeal and attachment to Ionic Lodge as you travel to visit Lodges and encourage visitation in return. As a native Bahamian, I am personally beholden to the members of Ionic Lodge that contributed to helping furnish two new Lodges in The Bahamas. We hope that those furnishings will serve the Lodges well in perpetuity.

It has been an eventful and active year and I am humbled to have served as Worshipful Master. Brethren supporting with more than perfect numbers, such as at our Valentine’s Charity Ball, made me immensely proud to serve. With your support, we have achieved so much and I trust we will all continue that support as we look forward to passing on the gavel to Bro. Randy Gaw and his team for next year.

See you in Lodge,

Michael Reiach, WM