From The East - March 2020


February, although the shortest month of the year, was by no means quiet for us at Ionic. Our month began with our annual joint degree with Ashlar Lodge at which we passed a worthy brother to the degree of Fellow Craft. Unfortunately, being snowbound in Gander Newfoundland, I was unable to attend. However, all reports I received were resoundingly positive and I would like to congratulate our brother on his preparedness and near letter perfect work. It is a credit to both our newest Fellow Craft, as well as his sponsors.

While still stuck on The Rock, I unfortunately missed the Valentine’s Charity Ball this year. This is an event that I look forward to, as does my mother and eldest daughter, and I was saddened to have not been able to attend. That being said, I understand that that Ionic contingent was visible and made our Lodge proud. Congratulations to our Director of Ceremonies who, once again, organized an incredible event for both Ottawa Districts. I have no doubt the monies raised will be happily received and faithfully applied by the recipient charities.

Finally able to escape from the east coast, my first event of the month was our regular meeting at which we had a very important education piece and discussion pertaining to the structure of our Lodge. We discussed the various offices, the duties associated with each one, the progression through the chairs and the commitment required by all of us to maintain the standards we strive for have been recognized. I feel the evening provided a wealth of information for me personally and, I hope, for all in attendance as well.

We also hosted the Brethren of Madawaska Lodge as they delivered to us the Travelling Gavel. Our Month ended with a goodly number (more than a perfect number) of Ionic Brethren accompanying me to Chaudière Lodge to deliver the Traveling Gavel. The evening at Chaudière was very interesting as we witnessed them discussing the details of their potential amalgamation with The Builder’s Lodge. It is worth noting, that at that meeting, I was greeted by a brother who asked me ‘how is the master of the always outstanding Ionic Lodge this evening?’ While said with a small grin, the Brother also pointed out to me that he was very serious. These are the small pieces that should make us all proud – our hard work IS noticed.

Looking ahead, our regular meeting in March will be our ‘step-up’ night. The evening at which we turn the reins over to the potential officers for next year and give them the opportunity to take the chairs they may be holding. This year, they will be conducting a second degreed and I have every confidence that they will live up to the standard that is Ionic. I encourage all to come out and support the future of Ionic.

Following that, we have invited the Scottish Rite Degree Team to Raise a Brother to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason at our Emergent meeting on March 26. Watching this team in action is an event you don’t want to miss.

I leave you this month, with a word from Brother Brandon Garic Notch, particularly appropriate as a reminder to all our members and our leaders; present and future.

Motivation gets you started, and inspiration keeps you going.

- Jason Solomon, WM