From the East - January 2020


I trust that all had a happy and healthy holiday and are still enjoying the best of the season and perhaps recovering from some very worthwhile overindulgence. 

I would like to take the opportunity to welcome our newest brother to Ionic Lodge and to thank all who took part in, and attended, his initiation at our regular meeting in December.  I realize that the holiday season can put many strains on our time and your commitment is recognized and appreciated.  Also, in December, our annual Holiday party was held.  It is always a true thrill for me to see so many family and friends out with the Brethren.  Masonry is best shared with those we love and events like this are important in emphasizing that aspect of the Craft. I can speak with a degree of certainty that it is something at least three children look forward to every year!

It is hard to believe that the Winter solstice is behind us and the days are beginning to get longer.  While the temperature may not follow as quickly as we’d like, there is a certain encouragement that we can take as we see more sunlight day after day.  The first day of winter also brings with it the resurgence of light, an important piece of symbolism not only in Masonry but in teachings from virtually every major theological school.

As we move into the new year, we will be passing a worthy brother to the second degree at our regular meeting on January 8th.  The following week, on January 14, another one of our Entered Apprentices will be passed in a very special joint degree – one he will share with his father, at J.B. Hall Lodge No 145 in Millbrook, ON.  While it is a bit of a drive, I encourage as many as possible to attend and support our candidate and his family.

As we begin the new year, let us not only look ahead to where we are going but let us remember to also look behind us whence we came.

See you in Lodge, Brethren.

Jason Solomon, WM