From The East: January 2018


I hope you and your loved ones have had an enjoyable holiday season and I wish the best for everybody in the new year. I am sorry to have missed our Holiday Dinner due to travelling in December, but I have heard that it was a great success and enjoyed by all that were able to attend.

Congratulations to our newest member, Bro Sultan, for being initiated into our ancient and honourable society. I hope it was a memorable experience for you and I look forward to you advancement in our Gentle Craft.

Upcoming this month, Ionic is co-hosting a blood clinic on January 20 with Defenders Lodge, Bytown Lodge and The Builders’ Lodge. This is being spearheaded by Bro El Sayed of the Builders and I hope that we can get as many Brethren out to donate as possible, at Canada Blood Services 1575 Carling Ave, Ottawa.

Our DDGM will be continuing his Official Visits after the holidays, starting with The Builders’ Lodge on Monday, Jan 15 followed by Bytown Lodge on Thursday, Jan 18. This is an excellent opportunity for Ionic Lodge to win back the Travelling Trowel with the most Visitors, so I encourage all members to support this program.

The Wardens, Secretary and I had a planning meeting before the holiday break and we still have a busy year to finish our Masonic Year. At least two more initiations as well as progressing our Entered Apprentices and Fellow Crafts. I would encourage all members to support and take part in these degrees as ‘many hands makes light work’.

Stay warm everybody, and I look forward to seeing you in Lodge.

Michael Reiach, WM