From the east ... Feb 21


I hope all are fairing well as we begin 2021. There are encouraging signs all around us that there may be a return to some form of normalcy on the horizon. While things will likely continue to look different for a while, I have hope we will see each other soon in Lodge.

Despite the current situation, l am encouraged by the participation we have had in our virtual meetings on Zoom. There have been at least two silver linings I have noticed through this: one has been the opportunity to see and speak to Brethren who we may not have otherwise had the chance to interact with. The second has been the level of participation in our education pieces. I have noted and remarked on the two-way communication with brethren asking questions, stating opinions and giving their take and experiences onto what is presented. I hope that this continues as we get back to in-person meetings. Lodge education, in my opinion, is not nearly as constructive as a ‘lecture’ as it can be as a conversation.

This week, in place of our Emergent meeting on the 28th, I encourage the brethren who can participate in the virtual trivia night organized by the Ottawa Masonic Association (OMA). This will be a great opportunity to connect with Masons across the two districts who we may not have seen or heard from in many months. To RSVP for the event, I encourage you to send an email to either W. Bro. Mikey Reiach or R.W. Bro.  Charles Singh. I look forward to a great turn out from Ionic to support the OMA!

Coming up in February, our CGP will be held on Sunday the 7th with our Regular meeting on the 10th. Our regular meeting will consist of some education that will, hopefully, promote lively discussion amongst the Brethren who attend. Our emergent meeting in February will be a purely virtual social opportunity and I encourage you to invite anyone (mason or not) who you feel would enjoy some conversation and perhaps an adult beverage.

Until then, stay safe, and stay healthy. As we navigate towards the light at the end of the tunnel, I leave you with this reminder:

"We are all members of a larger community, which depends on everyone playing a part." (Bro. John Molson)

- Jason Solomon, WM