From The East - February 2020


While the shortest month of the year, February always proves to be an eventful time and this year is no exception. I would be remiss if, firstly, I did not congratulate our 2 newest FellowCraft who both performed admirably in proving their proficiency in the first degree prior to the Ceremony of their Passing to the Second Degree. While I was unable to attend J.B. Hall lodge due to work commitments, I do appreciate all the Brethren who took part in the work of the evening in Millbrook and those who showed support for our Brother in a special night for him and his family. As always, Ionic represented itself well from our candidate to our traveling delegation.

Turning the calendar, we will be having our annual joint degree this year on February 7th with our Brethren from Ashlar Lodge. The degree team will be made up of officers and members from both Lodges and I know our candidate is excited for the opportunity to advance his journey.

Our regular meeting on February 12th will be an important one, as we will be having education revolving around officer progression and the duties and roles of the various positions in the Lodge. I highly encourage anyone with an eye towards progressing through the chairs to attend as well as those seeking higher office.

Also, on the 12th, Ionic will be receiving the Traveling Gavel from our brethren of Madawaska Lodge and will we deliver the same to Chaudière Lodge on February 25th.

Coming up early in the month, the Valentine’s Charity Ball is always a flagship event for the District 1 and 2 Charities. I look forward to Ionic making another strong showing on February 8th. The VCB is an event not to be missed and gets better every year! I am looking forward to the busy month ahead and the chance to sit in Lodge, and outside of Lodge, with my Ionic family.

- Jason Solomon, WM