From The East: December 2017


It seems that autumn was short lived and winter is quickly approaching. The first few snowfalls, Christmas trees, wreaths and decorations in stores are all getting people in the festive mood for the holidays.

First, I wish to congratulate Bros. Gilmour and MacInnis for being initiated into our Gentle Craft. I hope that it was a memorable night for both of you and I trust that you will endeavour to make a daily advancement in your Masonic Education to appreciate Freemasonry to its fullest. Visit often, especially as Bro. MacInnis is preparing for his time in Australia.

This past month, we delivered the Travelling Gavel to Defenders Lodge on the night of their Remembrance Service with eleven Brethren of Ionic. At the Official Visit of the District Deputy Grand Master, Ionic was able to seize the coveted Travelling Trowel on two occasions with up to nine Brethren visiting together as a Lodge. We passed on the Trowel to our worthy sister Lodge, Ashlar Lodge, at our Official Visit. Thank you for the support Brethren, let’s keep the enthusiasm of visitation alive in the new year.

Ionic Lodge and Ashlar Lodge have continued our tradition of forming a joint degree team to confer a degree on one of our candidates. This year, Bro. Balaganthan was passed to the Fellowcraft degree in fine form and I look forward to your enthusiasm and progress in Masonry. Strengthening the bond between our two Lodges, Ashlar Lodge will be joining us for our Holiday Dinner on December 17th which is being organized by Bro JW. I have seen him working diligently and it is shaping up to be a fun evening for the whole family.

A very special commendation to our Bro. JW, Bro JD and their team for the Festive Board at our Official Visit. I heard a lot of praise from the Brethren of the District that visited including the DDGM. Everybody really enjoyed themselves.

Brethren, how ever you celebrate the holidays, I hope that it brings you joy and happiness. Spend it with loved ones – enjoy the here and now – and I wish you and your families a prosperous new year.

Happy Holidays to all.

Michael Reiach, WM