From The East ...


I hope you are all well and that the Autumn season and this warm weather have been treating you all well. We at Ionic have been busy. Last month a perfect number of brethren joined me in delivering the Traveling Gavel to Defender’s Lodge, where it was graciously received. And we had the great pleasure of Initiating, Brother Peter Pau, into our gentle craft.

November is now upon us and as our thoughts and prayers turn to the past, and those who have sacrificed for us, let us also remember that there are those, around the world, who continue that fight. At our next regular meeting, we will hold our memorial service in honor of those, across the globe, who have died, those who have fought, and those who continue to fight for freedom.

We have also begun to prepare for our Annual Holiday Dinner. This year it will be a potluck held at Westboro Masonic Temple on December 16th; with more details to follow. I look forward to seeing you all in the lodge.