From The East ...


I thank you. 

I thank you for your friendship and your support.

I thank you for your trust and commitment to our Lodge and our Order.

With you, I look forward to continuing Ionic’s legacy of bountiful Festive Boards, quality ritual work, and finding the right men and masons to continue that legacy.

We have emerged from the great hibernation that was Covid. We have taken those first, second, and a few third steps of spring and have found them to be more sure and stable than we may have first thought. Now we run into June, diligently preparing for the passing of a worthy brother to the 2nd degree on June 8th, followed very quickly by the raising of another to the 3rd degree on June 15th.

Then, with the work complete we push toward the Summer Solstice, a festival dedicated to the life-giving, regenerative powers of the sun. For some, this is a time of quiet meditation and reflection; for others a time for bonfires and dancing. I hope you will take the opportunity to enjoy both. Take time to celebrate the work we have accomplished in this unusual year. Enjoy some time with your friends and with family, and take time for yourself. The work will continue soon enough.

Thank you, again,

 - Jason Buelow, W.M.