From the East ...


When I was installed in May of 2019 I did not think that I would be writing this message 3 years later. It has certainly been an unexpected and unique term as Worshipful Master of Ionic Lodge.

There are few things left to say that haven't been said but there is one sentiment that bears repeating.


Thank you to everyone for your enduring commitment to The Craft and to Ionic Lodge. During a time when weaknesses could have been exposed we, as a Lodge, chose to show our strength. The strength shown comes not from the east, but it emanates from all those who call Ionic their Masonic home. Many have stepped up to take on additional roles when asked, assisted within and without the Lodge room and always looked after our Brethren in need. The support you all provided our Lodge is what has historically made it great and what will keep it great moving forward. We have proven our ability to emerge from adversity and come out stronger – I truly believe we have.

Thank you to those who came before me. One person cannot instill the kind of strength demonstrated throughout the pandemic; institutional strength is a product of many. I hope and trust that you feel that the Lodge has continued to progress in the image you had for it. Your pride is the best measure of success.

Thank you to those who will follow me. The confidence in the line of officers elected should elicit comfort and optimism. Ionic is fortunate such an incredible group of talented members and I am excited to watch in the years to come the heights we reach for and achieve. Congratulations to all – Ionic is in good hands.

Thank you, for allowing me to be the temporary Custodian of Your Lodge.

I’ll go back to how I began and end with a quote:

"None of us, including me, ever do great things. But we can all do small things, with great love, and together we can do something wonderful."
-Mother Teresa