From the East ...


I’m happy to say that Ionic seems to have gotten off to a great start if the comments I received after our November meeting are any indication. Our Memorial service was a solemn one and, perhaps, held special meaning after the trying times we have been through and continue to navigate. It was great to see so many of the Brethren in person and it felt almost normal. Having the DDGM join us gave the meeting an added sense of ceremony that I’m sure we have all missed. I would like to thank all the Brethren who took part and all who came out to make the evening special.

I’m also pleased that it seems we have hit the ground running, as we knew we would. In our meeting coming up this month, we will be Raising a Brother to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason. Our brother is making a special trip to have the degree conferred as he no longer resides in Ottawa – an indication of the important role that Masonry and Ionic have in his heart. I have no doubt that it will be a special night for all, as third degrees always are. There may be newer Master Masons in our ranks who have not yet been able to witness a third from the other side so I encourage you all to come out. Not only to support our brother, but to take something away from the ceremony yourselves.

We will also be conducting a ballot on an applicant which means that, pending a positive outcome, we will have an initiation to conduct. As I said, we seem to be picking up right where we left off and I have no doubt we will have lots of work to keep us on our toes. On that note, as I have mentioned previously, if any brother would like to take an active role in Ritual work, please never hesitate to reach out to me. There are many pieces of varying complexities and lengths and it’s a sure bet together we can find something that anyone would feel comfortable presenting. That said, never underestimate the importance of just being there to support our lode, and our Brethren.

I hope you all are keeping well and I wish you and yours all the best of the Holiday Season to come. I hope that this year we are all able to spend time with our families and loved ones – it is long overdue and will be a welcome change to the recent oddities we have endured.

The road ahead is finally seemingly bright, and I am excited to walk it together. Fraternally,

Jason Solomon, WM