Summer Fellowship

Hi everyone, 

As mentioned at our festive board on Wednesday, this year’s summer fellowship program has been finalized. We have two great events lined up for the summer, our second annual outing to the Ottawa Champions and our first Lodge Retreat.

The dates for these events are July 29th (Champion’s game) and August 11th to the 13th (Retreat). Please mark your calendars as we hope to see as many of you as possible at these events.

You can purchase tickets for the Ottawa Champion’s baseball game here. The $50 ticket price is "first come, first served" and includes a box ticket and hot food provided in the suite. Attendees will be responsible for purchasing their own beverages. 

This year we have booked two box suites right next to each other, which have a combined capacity of over 30 people. Our goal is to get at least 24 people at this event, so bring your partners, significant others, kids, friends, and special guests as we would love to have them.

If you are reaching out to either Bro. Devon Valentine or our Junior Warden Bro. Jason Solomon to reserve your tickets and make your payments, cash and e-transfer are accepted. You can also reserve your tickets via the website. 

The event itself will begin at 5:30pm on July 29th at the RCGT Park, 300 Coventry Road. Transportation to the stadium will not be provided. However if people are in need of a ride please contact us and we will coordinate with other members attending to see if it is possible to carpool.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please do not hesitate to contact the brethren listed in this email (Bro. Valentine and Bro. Solomon) for further clarification.

Hope to see you all out and stay tuned for upcoming information about Lodge Retreat!


The Ionic Fellowship Committee

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