Message of Support from a Brother

Thank you WM for "checking-in".

Amidst all the concerns about our collective situation, I cannot help but reflect on our last meeting at which it was clear that Ionic Brethren care, empathise and look out for each other.

Our Festive Board was a shared effort in every aspect; after dinner, we heard a brother share a very personal struggle where the idea of "fraternity" proved/is proving helpful to him and his ongoing recovery.

In Lodge, the fruits of our labours shone through with the candidate and our "step-up" team; W Bro. Solomon delivered an excellent talk about the value of an Obligation and of silence, and our DDGM RW Bro Hawkins spoke highly of our labours, the Lodge and recognized the efforts and progress of our candidate,our prospective officers and the possibilities that lay ahead for Ionic.
We also heard the appreciation expressed for the understanding, care and assistance offered up to Brethren in need and others going through difficulties and challenges, personally and professionally.... even a small act of moving an appliance with a phone call and minutes notice.

As men, as brothers and friends, let us be assured that we can count on each other, that we can comfortably share our struggles and successes in a safe and welcoming place inside and beyond our Lodge. Lets continue to build on and practice those precepts so beautifully inculcated within the tyled recesses of our sacred space.

So very proud to be a member of our gentle Craft and Ionic Lodge.

Please continue to reach out, to check-in and to offer-up.

RW Bro. Charles Singh

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