Ionic Lodge Remebers

Official visit of District Deputy Grand Master, R.W. Bro. Robert Clarke to Ionic Lodge. R.W. Bro. Robert ClarkeHe was joined by the Grand Master of Prince Hall Masons, the Honourable Hedley  Lewis with  his DDGM, R.W. Bro. Randy Borde. Current Grand Lodge Officers Grand Steward VW Bro Mark Pogue (Ionic Lodge)R.W. Bro. John Forster, Member of the Board , R.W. Bro Michael Jenkyns, Grand Historian, R.W. Bro. Jeff Gatcke, DDGM Frontenac District, Grand Steward VW Bro Mark Pogue (Ionic Lodge), numerous Past Grand Lodge Officers and visitors enjoyed an exquisite feast and shared in our fine traditions of toasts and tribute; including one to Bro. Richard Quintal, candidate for the Fellowcraft Degree. Also at the Festive Board, guests witnessed a running slide-show which included photos of  the 80 years a Mason pin presentation to Bro. Thomas Lumby by our Grand Master, Deputy Grand Master, DDGM, Grand D of C, and the  Master & Secretary of Ionic Lodge (see Ottawa  District 2 Website). Bro. Devon Valentine presented a historical talk about Masons participating in the first world war and the proud legacy of our brothers contribution.

 In Lodge, the Brethren passed Bro. Quintal to the 2nd or Fellowcarft Degree; Bro. Richard Quintalconducted our Annual Memorial Service, including Remembrance Tributes, and enjoyed  R.W. Bro. Clarkes elocution on the privilege we enjoy as Canadians because of the efforts of those who fought to secure of freedoms. A presentation was made to his chosen charity by the members of Ionic Lodge.

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