From the Grand Secretary ... Sept 2019

I offer you sincere congratulations on helping to create a successful Annual Communication this past July.
Because of past incidents, we needed to establish several new policies related to Hospitality Suites this year. I am extremely pleased to report that those Brethren in attendance at the Annual Communication took those new policy guidelines seriously and wholeheartedly supported them.
The number of incidents reported to hotel security was significantly reduced from prior years and the Fairmont Royal York was very pleased with our efforts. This year, the Fairmont Royal York Hotel was glad to have welcomed the Masons of Ontario to downtown Toronto. We turned things around this year. Let’s make those efforts permanent.
The Group Booking Code for the FRYH for July 2020 is GRAN0720_001.
- D. Garry Dowling,
  PGM Grand Secretary

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