From the Grand Secretary ... December, 2020


We are all seeing a continuing increase in the number of virtual sessions (Zoom, etc.) for educational and other purposes. As the situation evolves, we are developing some protocol for taking part in those virtual meetings.

I want to highlight two points this month.

First, should you participate in a virtual call please be sure that you understand where that call originates – is it within our jurisdiction or does it originate outside Ontario? You need to be aware that the culture, ritual and protocol observed in other Masonic jurisdictions may be different from our own.

You may attend any of these virtual sessions (within or outside of Ontario) without seeking permission through the office of the Grand Secretary. However if you are asked to identify yourself and you mention that you are from the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario, you must remember that you  cannot bring greetings on behalf of this Grand Lodge. Also, if you speak make sure that you indicate that your remarks are personal and that you are not authorized to speak on behalf of our Grand Lodge.

Second, if you are attending a virtual session that originates within our Grand Lodge, even though the session is informal, proper protocol must be followed in addressing our Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master. They should never be referenced by their first or last names, only as Grand Master and Deputy
Grand Master.

All the best for the celebration of your festive season, no matter what form it takes this year.

D. Garry Dowling
Grand Secretary

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