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I hope this finds you safe and feeling well. This is a difficult time for all of us, and nobody knows how long it will last, but be assured, it will not last forever.Although all in-person Masonic meetings and events have been called off, that does not mean that Masonry is called off: true Freemasonry dwells in the heart of each and every initiate.

Mystic arts and rites reposing; Sacred in each faithful breast.

This is an opportunity to slow down and reflect on the lessons our Craft has to teach. There is time to go over your ritual by yourself to prepare for when we resume labour. There is time to read those books you always wanted to but didn’t
have the time. The College of Freemasonry continues to offer its courses on-line, and although there may be some reference books that you cannot access because the libraries are closed, there is much you can complete using what you have at home already and what they have on-line at

There are some excellent podcasts out there to listen to, and Masonic websites to explore. And, if so inclined, this would be a great time to write something up to share with your brethren when lodges resume. As I said last month, Mentoring is a life-long process. In this time of human need for connectedness when you are reaching out to the vulnerable members of your lodge, call your mentor and have a chat, then connect with those whom you have mentored. They’ll be glad to hear from you. And don’t forget the widows of your lodge. They may need help with picking up supplies. Your involvement in helping your non-Masonic neighbours also will not go unnoticed.

I have been extremely impressed by the number of initiatives that I have heard our brethren have been taking. From offering to fetch groceries and medicines to revamping their businesses to make needed supplies. Thank you brethren!

Social distancing and isolation can be very hard on your mental health. There are help lines to call if you need them. Check with your local health authorities for the numbers. Also, the Big White Wall is a good on-line resource.

Remember that your brethren are thinking of you. Check the public health updates regularly. Stay home as much as you can. Look after yourself and look out for each other.

I close off with a verse from our parting ode:

God of light, whose love unceasing, Doth to all Thy works extend.

Crown our Order with Thy blessing; Build, sustain us to the end.

Happy to meet; Sorry to part; Happy to meet again.

David J. Cameron
Grand Master

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