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Well here we are in the seventh day of Autumn and our Masonic activities are getting busier. Many of us spent considerable time at the International Plowing match near Harriston last week. There were about one hundred and ten thousand in attendance over five days. I must tell you that the Masonic display tent was well visited and the combined committee from Bruce and Wellington districts did an outstanding job of setting up the exhibit that demonstrated the Family of Freemasonry to the public at large. There was participation by Grand Lodge, the Masonic Foundation, Scottish Rite, Demolay, Rameses and Mocha Shrine. As well, the Eastern Star provided Coffee and treats for our visitors. I know that in the past some have questioned our participation at this annual event, but I don’t know anywhere we have the opportunity to put the face of Masonry before one hundred thousand people in one week. Of particular interest to me were the number of inquiries that were directed to the Demolay display. The local committee also showed some ingenuity by having 9 or 10 picnic tables right in front of our tent which was directly across from a number of food booths so that people who filled those tables saw the Masonic presence before their eyes while satisfying their appetites. Many then came into our venue and got information about Freemasonry. It is also noted that the local group introduced new signs that were quite visible by all to see. They looked fresh and new and I might say weighed about 10 pounds each and it didn’t take three or four men to lift them like the previous ones.

I also want to mention that on Thursday the Local committee hosted a Meet and Greet for the Grand Master. I was quite impressed when approximately 175 folks attended a great feast of beef on a bun and a variety of salads. Those in attendance enjoyed good food, good fellowship and maybe a little laughing at some fun directed at the Grand Master but I have big shoulders to withstand pressure. I also enjoyed an opportunity to respond.

As we all know the season of Official Visits and Installations are upon us and I encourage every mason to attend and support those hosting lodges. The Grand Lodges officers have received most of the Trestle Boards and they too are encouraged to attend those activities within their cable tow. Supporting each other by visitation brings lodges closer together both in friendship and respect for one another. Our teachings tell us that the more we know each other the more we understand each other and that fosters harmony within our fraternity.

At the recent celebration of the 175th anniversary of the two Irish lodges in London I was reminded of situations in history and particularly in Masonic history. Today, we still acknowledge and respect these traditions that were established so many years ago. We should be proud that we still rely on those foundations that were laid for us by our forefathers that maintain the same meaning that it did two centuries ago. We have built on the past and respect their efforts but must always work diligently to continue building to ensure that our actions stimulate our future brethren to carry on the philosophies of Freemasonry as we know it.

I was surprised and interested by the comments I received from many about our conduct as masons in public and particularly at Grand Lodge in July. I recently had a brother approach me and said after discussion at his lodge they would be prepared to monitor the halls at next year’s communication if need be. That type of response was very well received and I thank those who have offered support for our future activities.

Brethren as we are embarking upon the Thanksgiving season let us always remember how fortunate we are to live in a country that allows us the freedoms we enjoy. Give thanks to those who sacrificed unselfishly so we can live with the love and prosperity that has been afforded us and thank God we are blessed to be Canadian. We sometimes forget to realize as Canadians we are given opportunities that many never experience.


John C. Green Grand Master

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