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What can you learn at the Annual Communication? Lots!

On the afternoon of Tuesday, July 17, 2018 starting a 1:30 there will be a series of seminars which are open to all. Do you ever encounter conflict in your life? In your Lodge? Learn how to better deal with this from the Leadership Development Committee as they do a presentation on Conflict Resolution.

Want to learn more about the Cornerstone Project? If last month’s Communique piqued your interest, come hear the Cornerstone Team expound on this excellent activity.

Do have children or grandchildren? Do you have young people in your neighbourhood? Masonry has organizations for them, which the Youth Initiatives Committee can tell you about. Better still, young people from these organizations can fill you in. You will be amazed.

What are these L forms and this report card? And what has Grand Lodge learned about the Condition of Masonry in Ontario? The CoM Committee will explain all!

Is your Lodge financially sound? Are you sure? Do you know how to tell? Does Grand Lodge have any tips for you? Of course! The Lodge Finances Committee will give a seminar and answer your questions.

Okay, what about insurance? Is your Lodge covered? Is your Temple covered? Are you covered? Many think they are, but they’re not! What is non-owned auto insurance and is it important? Bro. Dayle Semple will explain.

So, your Lodge is lucky enough to have a lot of investments. Are they in the bank or GICs? Can you do better? Marcia Wisniewski, the advisor of Grand Lodge’s investment portfolio, will show you how your Lodge or Temple can take advantage of professional money management with Grand Lodge’s new Investment Account.

What exactly is the Role of the Worshipful Master? The Seminar and Workshops Committee have developed a new presentation that they will be premiering at the Tuesday seminars.

Have you heard about the Five Steps to Application? How should we deal with applicants whom we don’t know? The Brother to Brother Team will go over this guideline with you.

And there will be an on-going seminar on Computer Resources which are available free of charge for your Lodge.

And don’t forget all that you will learn from your brethren in the break times and hospitality suites. Sharing stories from across the province, and if you are lucky, from across the world.

But there’s more! What more? Want to know how the Board of General Purposes works? Come and watch us on Monday and Tuesday mornings. There is a gallery for interested Brethren. Be the first to know who wins the awards and which Lodges have qualified for the Cornerstone designation. And what about the Masonic Foundation and MASONICh.I.P.? They have their annual meetings there too.

Have you ever seen the parade of officers, guests and visitors at the opening of Grand Lodge? I can tell you that on my travels the foreign Grand Masters rave about the pomp and circumstance of our opening. If you can, get there early on Wednesday to watch the parade. Then stay for the Grand Master’s address. Well worth it. (wear a jacket and tie and bring your apron. If you are a Worshipful Master, make sure to bring your collar and get there before 8:20 am so you can be in the parade!).

On Wednesday evening, the guest speaker at the Grand Master’s Banquet will be W. Bro. Andrew Hammer, a force for renewal in Masonry in Canada, the United States and Britain. He is a wonderful speaker and if you haven’t heard him, it is well worth the price of the dinner. Even if you have heard him, it’s still worth the price. Get your tickets from your DDGM or the Grand Lodge Office.

And the final day, Thursday, what is there to see? Well, the investiture of your new District Deputy Grand Master! You’ll want to be there for that.

Come on down and enjoy yourself and learn something in the process!

David J. Cameron

Deputy Grand Master

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