COVID - 19 Update


Despite the current setbacks, we still look forward to a time when we will be able to gather in-person again. When enough of our population is FULLY vaccinated the situation will change, but that will not be until the summer at the earliest, so for now we must hold firm.

Therefore the moratorium on all INDOOR Masonic gatherings is extended until at least September 1.

The moratorium on all OUTDOOR gatherings is extended until we make a subsequent announcement.

When we finally are able to have large gatherings again, there may be a huge demand to book the Grand Master at anniversaries and Grand Master’s receptions and there are only so many weekends in the year. I would therefore ask the brethren of any lodge who had a major anniversary last year or will have one this year to think about joining together with other lodges in your district as well as with the District itself, and consider one joint event to invite me to. Since we don’t yet know when we can have these large gatherings, we cannot start to accept bookings, but please start talking among yourselves about the concept. Your virtual district meeting may be a good time to discuss this.

Thank you and stay safe brethren.

David J. Cameron

Grand Master

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