Brother Zimmerman's 3rd Degree

November 24th, saw Bro. Derrick Zimmerman, with the help of a Scottish Rite degree team composed of Ionic Lodge and Ashlar Lodge members, Raised to the 3rd, or Master Mason degree.

Ionic Lodge & The Scottish Rite Degree TeamThe Scottish Rite team was lead by R. W. Bro. Allen Arbuckle and  V W Bro. Pogue sat in the chair, an excellent degree work was performed by officers of the Scottish Rite. Bro.  Zimmerman 's uncles from the Toronto area were present for his ceremony of being raised to the sublime degree of a master mason. The guest and members were treated to an excellent festive board consisting of ham scallop potatoes,turnip and of course a mix of desserts then followed. The officers of Ionic opened and closed the lodge.

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