Annual Communication 2020 - Changes


This message is to identify and clarify a number of items related to the current status of the July 2020 Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.

Please ensure that you have read the current update from the Grand Master, distributed with this document.

District Deputy Grand Masters:

As stated by the Grand Master, all current District Deputy Grand Masters will serve until July 2021. Therefore it will NOT be necessary to elect a successor at a District meeting this year (2020). Based on Section 108 of the Book of Constitution, the District Deputy Grand Master will NOT be required to produce an audited financial statement of the receipts and expenses pertaining to the duties of his office until his successor is installed in July 2021.

Note however that all reports due for the current year must be submitted on time, including your P-Sum report.

Grand Lodge Officers (Resignations):

Any Honorary or Appointed Grand Lodge Officers who have indicated to the Grand Master that they wish to resign their positions in July 2020 will step down as of July 15 2020 and a replacement will be named by the Grand Master. Any Elected Grand Lodge Officers who have indicated that they wish to resign their positions in July 2020 will step down as of July 15 2020 and according to Sec. 92 (d) vacancies in all other elective offices shall be filled by election at the next annual meeting of Grand Lodge.

Lodge Officers:

Election and Installation:

Because of the unknown date for resumption of labours and the timing of individual lodge elections and installations, it is not possible to make a blanket statement about Lodge officers remaining in their current positions for another year. Each lodge must evaluate its own situation and ascertain the wishes of the current Lodge officers. The options available are:

  • Current Lodge officers could remain in their positions until the next election as specified in the Lodge bylaws 
  • New elections could be held for a shortened year and then another election held at the time specified in the bylaws 
  • New elections could be held conditional upon the officers agreeing to serve a partial year and the next full year

In any of the above options, dispensation is required to change the date of the election and installation. As per the update of April 08 2020, requests may be submitted in due form once we return to our labours.

If elections were held at the meeting before the hiatus, the lodge may install those elected officers when we resume or opt for one of the above options.

Finally, in all three situations described above, the Book of Constitution must be followed with respect to the proper notification of elections and Installation in the Lodge Summons.

Nominations for Grand Lodge Office 2020:

All nominations for Grand Lodge Office in July 2020 that were submitted prior to the deadline of April 01 2020 will be automatically held over until April 01 2021. Any withdrawals will be accepted any time between now and April 15 2021.

New nominations for office in July 2021 will be permitted prior to April 01 2021.

Proposed Constitutional Amendments 2020:

As indicated in the Grand Master’s message, all constitutional amendments proposed for July 2020 have been held over until July 2021. There is no need for them to be resubmitted.

Further details regarding the Annual Communication will be communicated to you as they are confirmed.


Garry D. Garry Dowling,

Grand Secretary

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