A Message from the District Deputy Grand Master


Well, this was not on my Trestle Board.  We have now made it through the first week.  I was so close. I had only one official visit left but sometimes things happen which are outside of our control.

I know many of you would have had special plans for the spring break.  I had plans to visit my daughter and her family in Port Elgin after my final official visit but have cancelled in light of the situation.  I hope that you will take this time with the family you have around you to enjoy each other and make positive memories.

I have noticed on social media that many of the Brothers, who are capable, are making an effort to assist those who are in high risk categories.  I applaud you and wish you well but please do be careful, remembering your own families. In addition, some Lodges are using web-based conference facilities to check up on their members.  Please keep in touch with your members especially those at risk and I hope anyone who does need assistance will not hesitate to reach out. Please assist them to the best of your ability.

Brethren, I can only say that this too shall pass.  We will emerge closer and stronger. I ask that you continue to be diligent with self isolating and social distancing, this is the only way we can beat this virus or at least hold it in abeyance right now.

Look to the future as we will have much to do when we can once again gather in our Lodge rooms.  Please don’t hesitate to contact your Lodge, or me directly, if you have questions.

Sincerely and fraternally,


R.W. Bro. John Hawkins,


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