80 yrs a Mason

 On Tuesday November 1st, our Grandmaster M.W. Bro. John Green and our Deputy Grand Master  R.W. Bro. Paul E. Todd accompanied by a small delegation went  to the home of a brother to present him with Certificate and commemorative pins to Bro. Thomas Lumby & R.W. Bro. Charles Singhcelebrate an important recognition as a member of our gentle Craft. Bro. Thomas Lumby, member of Ionic Lodge #526, Ottawa is 80 years a Mason. R.W. Bro. Robert H. Clarke, District Deputy Grand Master Ottawa 2, R.W. Bro. Charles Singh, V.W. Bro. Armin Braslins and Grand D of C, R.W Bro. Paul Johnson  accompanied M.W. Bro. Green and our Deputy for what our Grandmaster believes may be the “only time” he would be part of such a milestone.  The Grand Lodge of Saskatchewan also sent a Certificate to mark the occasion.


Bro. Thomas Lumby & M.W. Bro John C. GreenBro. Lumby shared stories about his life , reflecting on his service to Canada  the Commonwealth during the second world war.  He believed that living by the principles of Freemasonry has helped him to navigate a life full of adventure and cherished experiences, and expressed his gratitude to the Craft in general, and his brethren in particular. Bro. Lumby was initiated, passed and raised  into Victory Lodge #144 in Saskatoon in 1935, later moving to the Ottawa area. He is a Veteran, served  in Europe,  where he was captured in Germany three(3) times as a prisoner of war. On one such peculiar occasion, he was invited for drinks and photographed  in a P.R. effort in Hanover, Germany by enemy soldiers.   After the war, he  served Canadian Foreign Services in Europe, eventually returning to his home in Saskatoon.


80 yrs a MasonIt was fitting that, during the month of remembrance, our Grand Master, Deputy and DDGM used the occasion as a most telling example and a  reminder the brethren how thankful and gracious we should be for the service of those who have served and those who continue to serve on our behalf, especially our Brethren, many of whom have long ascended to the Grand Lodge above.



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