Freemasonry in Ontario (Part 1)

Posted on October 01 2016

Masons are men who choose to associate with group of like-minded individuals for mutual benefit. What they find in freemasonry is a disciplined and systematic course of self-improvement based on the Golden Rule: always do to others what you would like them to do to you. Everyone is welcome, regardless of race, colour or creed. Masons are spiritual and moral people, but there’s no room for discussion of sectoral religion or partisan politics in freemasonry. Members are free to follow their own path, as long as it fits with the ethical principles of integrity and virtue symbolized by the square and compass—the icon most commonly associated with Masonry. Masonry is for men…but it’s a family affair. Women, girls and boys who share Masonic values are welcome to participate in the many social and charitable events hosted by lodges. There are 3.2 million masons across the world and more than 47,000 in Ontario.

Masonry stresses the principles of kindness and consideration at home, honesty in business, courtesy towards others, dependability in one’s work, compassion for the less fortunate and being a good citizen of the world. Masonry recognizes that each man has obligations to his family, his work, his religious beliefs, his community and himself - these must take priority and Masonry does not interfere with his ability to meet these obligations. Masons participate in three progressive degrees, each one teaching an important lesson through the use of symbols. The degrees help a Mason think about the big questions: Where did I come from? What am I doing here? And what comes next?

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